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REVHRAM’s online transfer modality has a limit amount equivalent to USD 10,000.00 (ten thousand US dollars).

For higher amounts, discover our exchange solutions.

Tipo da Remessa

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      Cotação = R$

      Tarifa Bancária = R$

      IOF (%) = R$ + IR

      VET = R$

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            Cotação Turismo = R$

            IOF (%) = R$

            VET = R$

            Exchange Solutions

            At REVHRAM, we operate foreign exchange for individuals and legal entities.

            You and your company will find qualified service and attentive care that will ensure that your foreign exchange operation is properly classified and supported by the applicable legislation.

            With REVHRAM, you can have extensive Exchange Assistance in commercial and financial exchange operations, such as: international remittances available abroad, maintenance of residents or students abroad, investment abroad, purchase and sale of real estate, education services, direct loans, donations, payments related to business consultancy, dividends or profit distribution, foreign trade operations, including import and export of goods, back to back operations, and international orders.

            Counting on our professional expertise, we provide our clients with a highly qualified service. We understand that foreign exchange transactions of a financial and commercial nature require special attention since, for each type of transaction, there is an adequate exchange rate framework that, in some situations, may require additional statements and are subject to different taxes and tax rates.

            Business Intermediation

            REVHRAM works in international business prospecting, as well as in the optimization of foreign trade processes and company internationalization.

            Our main purpose is the feasibility of international business for companies of any size and segment. To maximize results, we have access to our own national and international databases and those of strategic partners.

            Domicile Abroad Account - CDE

            REVHRAM offers residents or domiciled abroad the opportunity to open a current account in reais in Brazil.The “Account for Domiciled Abroad – CDE”, allows the account holder to offer fixed-income investments from the institution, with the ease of access and use of “internet banking” to carry out payments and transfers through an exclusive portal.

            The Brazilian citizen or foreigners who wish to establish a Domicile Abroad Account – CDE, must be registered with the Taxpayer's Registry of Individuals, of the Ministry of Finance (CPF/MF), which may be requested at the Brazilian Consulate in their country.

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            REVHRAM operates as a duly authorized exchange correspondent, pursuant to BACEN Resolution 3954/2011.