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REVHRAM is a company duly authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil to trade foreign exchange.

REVHRAM’s network of partner financial institutions allows it to provide a better, distinguished service, in which every foreign exchange operation is properly supported. Because REVHRAM matches each customer profile to the financial institution that is more suited to its needs, customers can also count on more security for their transactions.

At REVHRAM, cost-effectiveness goes beyond fees. Focused on procedural speed, it aims to provide the best foreign exchange advice, from registration to exchange, with agile sending or receiving of funds and with a significant reduction in costs for foreign exchange operations.

Our professionals have extensive experience in the foreign exchange market and are frequently updated in the adoption of procedures related to combating money laundering and terrorist financing.

In compliance with the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (Law no. 13.709, dated August 14, 2018), REVHRAM has adopted information security measures for its internal processes in order to ensure transparency in the treatment of our customers' personal data.


We are an authorized company

REVHRAM operates as a duly authorized exchange correspondent, pursuant to BACEN Resolution 3.954/2011

Revhram Professionals are ABRACAM [Brazilian Exchange Association] certified

Among other qualifications and certifications, REVHRAM Professionals have the ABT1 Certification, issued by the Brazilian Exchange Association – ABRACAM, which provides a specialization accreditation in the foreign exchange area!

At REVHRAM, your foreign exchange consultant is certified by ABRACAM as a foreign exchange specialist!

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REVHRAM operates as a duly authorized exchange correspondent, pursuant to BACEN Resolution 3954/2011.